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Video production is the process of creating video content, similar to film making but often using digital recording methods.


Video Production

Video Productions_Core8Media

Stages of Production

Stages of production_Core8Media

This is the planning phase. You'll brainstorm ideas, write a script, storyboard your shots, schedule filming, and lock down logistics.

01. Pre Production

This is the filming stage. You'll capture all the video and audio you need for your project, following your script and storyboard.

02. Production

Here's where you edit your footage together, adding special effects, sound effects, music,and titles to create your final video.

03. Post Production


A corporate film is great, only and only if it serves the purpose that it was created for. What is the point if your film has never before been seen underwater shots or crazy aerial shots with employees partying and rocking music.


The step is to gather responses to the following questions...

1. "Identify the essential messages to convey in the film, limiting them to a maximum of three to ensure viewer absorption."

2. "Define the specific target audience for the film to enhance its effectiveness."

However, it is vital to acknowledge that one can never truly know everything. Therefore, thorough research on the company is an absolute necessity. We assure you that dedicating a single day to extensive research will yield substantial rewards, simplifying your work process.

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